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(Here, CentOS 5.8 with ip and CentOS 6.3 with

CentOS-5.8 is installing ISPConfig- and we will update to ISPConfig- on CentOS-6.3

Step1: Backup mailbox and dbispconfig database on CentOS 5.8

  • Backup all mailbox of users, mail domain

#tar czvf /backup/mailbox.tar.gz /var/mail

  • Backup dbispconfig database

#mysqldump -u root -p dbispconfig >/backup/dbispconfig.sql

#Enter password: …. (password of root user)

Step 2: Installing new CentOS 6.3 and configuring services

Step 3: Restore dbispconfig database and mailbox

  • Using phpmyadmin, drop all tables of dbispconfig databse and import the file dbispconfig.db to dbispconfig database

  • Or use:

    #mysql –host=localhost –user=root –password=XXXXXX < /var/download/dbispconfig.sql

  • Restore mailbox of all mail users

    #cd /

    #tar zxvf /var/download/mailbox.tar.gz

Step 4: Update to ISPConfig-

  • Download ISPConfig- (the present, it is lastest and stable version)

    #cd /var/dowload

    #rm -rf ispconfig3_install


  • Executing update ISPConfig- to ISPConfig-

    #tar zxvf ISPConfig-

    #cd ispconfig3_install/install

    #php -q update.php

Here, User still have not login email. We need to tell Dovecot to use the file dovecot.conf that generated by ISPConfig /etc/dovecot.conf and not the default /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf:

#cd /etc/dovecot

#mv dovecot.conf

#ln -s ../dovecot.conf dovecot.conf

#/etc/init.d/dovecot restart

Backup Postfix Mailbox

Posted: Tháng Sáu 19, 2012 in Backup, Mail Server

Backing up your mailboxes is a simple as copying your mailbox folder. This article describes how to backup and restore your Postfix mailboxes using the tar command.

To backup the mailbox, type the command below in a terminal window.

tar cvzf mailbox.tar.gz /var/mail
Replace /var/mail with the location of your own mailbox.

To restore the mailbox, type the command below in a terminal window.

tar xvzf mailbox.tar.gz -C /

Replace mailbox.tar.gz with the name of your backup file.